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Ludo - Game Rules and How to Play

Ludo is a game that you might have played as a kid. It is a board game invented back in 1896 in England. There are several variations of this game, and one of those is the casino game Ludo. Before we start with this game’s review, you should know that Ludo is a game of luck, with a little bit of strategy factor involved. Now, you will be able to play it at the best online casino in India, BetShah.

How to play Ludo casino game?

Ludo is an online casino game that can be played with 2 or with 4 players. If the game is played with 2 players, only one half of the board will be available, and the other half will be grayed out. So, in this case, you won’t be able to pass through the grayed out zones of the board. Note that even though it is played against real players, the Ludo game is not one of the Live Casino games.

The board is separated into 4 quarters, and each of these quarters belongs to one of the players. There are four colors available to choose from: red, green, blue, and yellow. Each of the players has four pawns, and you will have to take bring them “home”. Your main task in this game is to take your pawns out of your starting zone, then to move them on the board, before finally slide them into your house column.

So, in order to get your pawn out of the starting zone, you will have to roll the dice first. You will have to roll a six to move a pawn onto the track. When a player doesn’t have any pawns on the track, he will have three chances to roll a six. Now, you have a pawn on your board and you start your way on the board by rolling the dice again. Every time when you’ll roll a six, you will get an extra roll. It is important to note that whenever you roll a six, you will have two options: to either put another pawn on the track or to move any of your pawns.

On the board, you are going to notice two special fields. The first one is the Star field, and the other is the Globe field.  Whenever you land on a star, your pawn will be transported to the field of the next star. In a case, if there are no stars in front of your pawn, this feature won’t be applied. Also, if any of your opponents has a pawn on the star where you are going to be transported, you will knock his pawns and they will be returned to the starting zone.

On the other hand, when any of your pawns is standing on the globe that is immediately in front of your own safe area, or on the grey globe, it means that it cannot be kicked. So, basically, these two fields act as protectors of your pawns.

Finally, when you are going to reach to the field on the board that is exactly before your home column of the same color, you will have to roll the dice again towards the final area located at the board’s center. Please note that you will have to roll the exact number needed to enter the finish area. For example, if you need only one field, and you roll a 5, you will advance one step towards the goal, and then 4 steps backward.

To win the game, you will have to be the first player that will succeed to enter all of his four pawns into the finish area. The winner is going to collect the bets from the other players, and the house will take a small fee that is applied at the end of each game.

Playing Ludo with BetShah Ludo Dice

The rules that we have mentioned above refer to the Ludo game that is being played with the standard dice. There are some versions of Ludo where you will be playing with Ludo dice. On a Ludo dice, the third and fifth faces of the dice are replaced with a star or a globe. In this version, you will have to roll a globe in order to get out of the starting zone, and each time you will roll a globe, you will be rewarded with an extra roll. On top of that, you can advance to the next globe field on the board by using the globe roll.

On the other hand, if you roll a star, you will advance the selected pawn to the next star location on the board. If there are no stars available before any of your pawns, you will lose the turn, and the next player is going to roll the dice.

How to win Jackpot in Ludo game?

In some versions of Ludo, there is a Jackpot game available. To hit the jackpot, you will have to fill the jackpot meter which has 6 parts. Every time you roll 3 or lower, you will fill 1 part of the jackpot meter. If you fill all of the parts of the jackpot meter, you will be the Jackpot winner. But, anytime you roll 4 or more, you will lose all of the current parts of the jackpot meter, and it will be reset to zero.

Where can I play the casino game Ludo?

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